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HJpicksEvery Monday, the editorial staff is publishing a special selection of editorial pieces on a certain topic or trend. The editor’s picks are being marked as #HJPICKS on our social media channels. This week we’re providing you with a Top-10 list of the most interesting news items on dedicated server/bare metal projects and market trends.

Leaseweb Sees Increased Demand for Dedicated Servers

Eltjo HofsteeJune 2018 – Leaseweb, one of the world’s largest cloud hosting brands with more than 80,000 physical servers under management operating 19 data centers at strategic locations across Europe, Asia, and North America, is currently seeing a change in the kind of orders they receive. While there is still a growing demand for cloud hosting solutions delivered by Leaseweb, the hosting provider also notices an increased demand for dedicated servers.

The likely reason for this trend towards a growing use of dedicated servers, a stated in a recent blog post by Eltjo Hofstee, Managing Director at LeaseWeb UK, is that more and more highly specialized tech companies, most of them active in the SaaS, MarTech/FinTech or gaming industries, would like to have more control over their infrastructure, cost, and performance. Read further.

Packet Announces Bare Metal-powered Private Cloud Solution With Platform9 and Datera

Zachary SmithMay 2018 – Packet, a global provider of dedicated bare-metal cloud for developers, has announced a joint solution with Platform9 – provider of fully managed private clouds, and Datera – provider of application-driven data services for enterprises and clouds. Read further.

“What we’re providing here is the polished experience of the public cloud, but with significantly more choice and performance. By combining the strengths of market leaders like Datera and Platform9 with Packet-managed bare metal, we’re able to deliver it at a fraction of the cost of traditional public or private cloud solutions,” said Zac Smith, CEO of Packet.

AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances

May 2018 – AWS has unveiled its Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) bare metal instances, providing applications with direct access to the processor and memory resources of the underlying server. These bare metal instances would be ideal for workloads that require access to the hardware feature set (such as Intel VT-x), or for applications that need to run in non-virtualized environments for licensing or support requirements.

AWS’ Bare metal I3 instances are available in the AWS US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), Europe (Frankfurt) and Europe (Ireland) Regions. Read further.

Rackspace Expands Its Managed Hosting Portfolio, Adds Bare Metal as a Service

Henry TranMay 2018 – Rackspace has announced an expansion of its managed hosting portfolio to include Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS) functionality. With the addition of six new bare metal instances, Rackspace Managed Hosting customers who use BMaaS can now provision IT infrastructure on-demand and have their bare metal solutions delivered in minutes rather than hours. Read further.

“Rackspace is expanding its leadership position by giving customers more choice of technology that best fits their infrastructure and application needs. Due to the predictability of performance, there are workloads best-fit to run in Managed Hosting’s physically isolated single-tenant environment. Bare Metal as a Service brings much-needed flexibility to Managed Hosting such as on-demand provisioning and utility pricing while retaining its strongest features: predictable performance and reliability. Our customers now have the best of both worlds as they seek to modernize their IT,” said Henry Tran, General Manager of Managed Hosting, Rackspace. 

SolarWinds Unveils Cloud-First Backup Service for Dedicated Servers

IT management software provider SolarWinds has introduced its first backup solution targeted for direct use by end-user customers. The cloud-first backup service has been developed to protect dedicated servers (and virtual servers).

The backups are stored in a global, purpose-built private cloud that is designed to be “highly secure”. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest via AES-256 encryption, and users hold the key. A network of multiple data centers around the world would help meet data governance and privacy requirements. Read further.

U.S. Based ReliableSite Shares Its Ingredients for a High-Value Bare Metal Hosting Package

Radic DavydovMarch 2018 – VIDEO – Specialized in bare metal dedicated servers, ReliableSite has developed their platform from the ground up to be able to deploy and scale dedicated servers in the same flexible way as cloud is being deployed. An interview at CloudFest in Germany with Radic Davydov, CEO of ReliableSite, about his company’s ‘secret sauce’ for bare metal.

In this VIDEO interview, Mr. Davydov elaborates on this data center expansion, and he also explains why CloudFest is an important event for them as a hosting provider based out of the US. Watch this VIDEO on

Global Bare Metal Cloud Market 2017-2025: ‘IBM, Oracle and Rackspace Key Players in $26B Industry’

February 2018 – The global bare metal cloud market is anticipated to reach $26.21 billion by 2025, according to a new report published by Factors such as increased demand for secure storage facility and rapid developments in the cloud industry would have encouraged enterprises to switch to bare metal cloud from conventional cloud services. Read further.

Bare Metal Cloud and SD-WAN Provider, Zenlayer, Launches Zenlink To Connect Clouds

Joe ZhueNovember 2017 – Zenlayer, a bare metal cloud and SD-WAN provider headquartered in Los Angeles and Shanghai with offices in Singapore, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, has announced the launch of a new service that would allow companies to connect cloud providers “quickly and easily.” The cloud interconnect services is aimed at cloud service providers (CSPs).

Zenlayer closed a $10 million Series A funding in May 2017, led by F&G Venture with participation from NSFOCUS and other investors. Read further.

“The demand for direct access to major cloud service providers is growing, and we are pleased to offer dedicated connections from our data centers. Today, many of our customers use Zenlink to build hybrid and multi-cloud architectures to leverage different cloud providers’ strengths and minimize vendor-lock in, creating the best cloud solution tailored to their unique business requirements,” said Joe Zhu, CEO and founder of Zenlayer.

Grand View Research: Bare Metal Cloud Market Worth $26.21 Billion by 2025

The global bare metal cloud market is anticipated to reach $26.21 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research. Factors such as increased demand for secure storage facility and rapid developments in the cloud industry have encouraged enterprises to switch to bare metal cloud from conventional cloud services.

According to the Grand View Research market study, bare-metal cloud solutions are gaining momentum and witnessing a high demand from enterprises across different industry verticals. These solutions would offer benefits such as efficient data storage, streamlined data center operations, and faster service delivery through various solutions such as bare metal dedicated server compute and storage network. Read further.

DataXu Builds Its Digital Marketing Management Platform on IBM Cloud Bare Metal

Bill SimmonsSeptember 2017 – VIDEO – Headquartered in Boston, MA, DataXu delivers cloud-based solutions for marketing professionals. The company has offices located in North America, India, Singapore, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and France.

DataXu’s TouchPoint platform, for example, is a real-time bidding platform that shows fifty billion ads for purchase each day, where clients purchase ad space in accordance with the recommendations of DataXu’s algorithms. Customer data is assimilated into DataXu’s platform, which analyzes what ads from a particular marketing campaign have engaged with customers in desired ways.

In this VIDEO, DataXu co-founder and CTO  discuss why they built their marketing software platform on IBM Cloud’s bare metal infrastructure. Watch this VIDEO on

Every Monday, the editorial staff will publish a special selection of editorial pieces on a certain topic or trend. The editor’s pick are being marked as # HJPICKS on our social media channels.
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