As a business, you have plenty of decisions to make. Your hosting is one of those decisions and choosing dedicated servers for your business hosting can make a difference.

There are many reasons why you want to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server. While this hosting option won’t fit for every single business in existence, many businesses may need a dedicated server for business hosting.

Maybe you’ve heard of this type of hosting, but you’ve never really looked into it. You’ve been using the cheaper shared web hosting or VPS hosting for a while and like the low cost. It might be working well for you, but there could be benefits you don’t even know about.

While the cost of a dedicated server for business hosting is certainly higher than shared web hosting or VPS hosting, it comes with specific benefits. Let’s look at five core reasons why you should choose a dedicated server for business hosting.

Better Business Hosting: 5 Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Server

1. Better Security

If you’re worried about security for your business, you will definitely need a dedicated server. Business hosting can be hacked and shared web hosting options are more susceptible to hacks.

Dedicated server hosting for businesses will give you the ability to customize your security. Since you won’t be sharing resources, you won’t need to worry about how others on the server are handling security.

When you choose dedicated server hosting, you get to employ the “top-notch” security you desire. You’re in full control of securing the server and you can do it however you please.

A dedicated server for business hosting allows you to protect your business from malware, hackers, viruses, spam, malicious content, and other cyberattacks. If you need the best security possible, a dedicated server might be the right hosting option for your business.

2. Save on Server Equipment Costs

Buying the equipment to set up a server infrastructure on your own is expensive. Not only do you need the equipment, but you also need the right professionals to manage the equipment.

You don’t need to take on this type of investment to use a dedicated server for business hosting. You can choose a managed dedicated server from a hosting provider to gain full control, better security, and all the benefits of a dedicated server without the high equipment costs.

Good dedicated hosting providers will offer excellent security and management tools to make business hosting easy. You gain far more value for each dollar you spend compared to the high upfront and ongoing investment of setting up your own server infrastructure.

3. Full Administrative Control

No matter the type of dedicated server you choose, you will gain full administrative control and root access for the server. When you choose shared web hosting options, you won’t typically gain root access to the server because you’re sharing it with other clients.

A dedicated server means you can install and customize the configurations to your liking. You can use the programs you prefer, the security protocols you desire, and configure the server however you please.

If you have unique requirements for software, disk space, CPU, or RAM, a dedicated server gives you the necessary access to meet these requirements. The best part, when you need to scale, you can upgrade to a larger server or add a second server, as you need.

4. Your Own IP Address

If you want to decrease the chances of web outages, your own IP address will help. When you choose a dedicated server for business hosting, you get a unique IP address.

When thousands of websites are hosted on the same server, they all share the same IP address. Not only will you be fighting for resources, but you’ll also be dealing with other websites potentially harming the integrity of the IP address.

Running out of resources may cause downtime. Dealing with other websites causing your IP address to become blocked or blacklisted may cause even bigger issues. You don’t need to worry about any of this when you choose a dedicated server for business hosting.

5. Your Own Server

When you stick with shared web hosting or VPS hosting, you’ll be sharing server resources with other customers. Dedicated server hosting for your business implies you get a server all to yourself, and you do.

You won’t need to worry about sharing the resources of the server with anybody else. This means you get higher speeds and plenty of other benefits. All the resources, including RAM, CPU cores, and drive space are solely dedicated to you, your websites, your online services, and your apps.

Shared web hosting tells you right in the name you will be sharing the resources of the server. While VPS doesn’t really say it in the name, it’s just a different way of sharing resources. When you share resources with either type of hosting, you’ll end up with slower load times, freezes, errors, and lags.

Remember, one of the most important metrics for SEO and for conversations is load times. KISSmetrics shows the impact in this infographic about load time.

Is Dedicated Hosting Right for Your Business?

These five reasons hopefully can help you decide if a dedicated server is a good choice for your business hosting. It’s a big decision as the cost is significant compared to shared web hosting or VPS hosting options. However, dedicated servers come with tremendous benefits for security, SEO, customization, and scalability.

Most companies choosing a dedicated server for business hosting range from mid-sized to large. However, some smaller businesses may prefer a dedicated server for security. Typically, this type of hosting works best for websites with high-security needs or a large volume of traffic. Most startups won’t require a dedicated server but may need to upgrade later for better business hosting.

It’s important to consider your budget, your security needs, and your traffic needs before making the final decision. Your business needs the right hosting to survive. If a dedicated server makes sense, make sure you choose the right provider for your business hosting.