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Mistakes happen. Especially if you are new at something, and building a website is no different. Today, Scott and crew are back to go over the top 5 most common website building mistakes beginners make, and just what to do about them.

If you are a new web builder, or are just looking to make a site for your new business, then this one’s for you. That is if Scott can figure out how to say the title in the next 5 minutes.

00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – No Clear Goal
01:24 – Desktop Version Only
02:23 – Confusing Organization
03:03 – Lack of Personality03:49 – Skipping User Testing

A website with no clear goal:
Make sure you have a plan. A site without a clear intention can leave visitors confused. We advise you take a moment and write a treatment for your site. Basically… a business plan for your site.

Focusing only on the desktop experience:
The majority of browsing happens on mobile now. Do yourself a favor and make your size responsive. That way it looks good no matter where it’s viewed.

Confusing Organization:
Make sure your site’s navigation is intuitive. Things like putting the menu at the top, and not overcrowding your homepage will go a long way.

Lack of Personality:
Your brand and your brand voice need to be on full display on your website. One of the most common mistakes beginners make on their website is not giving their site the soul their customers are looking for.

Skipping User Testing:
When you finish building, you are going to want to have other people double check your work. Whether that is your business partner or your mother, a second(or third) pair of eyes are a necessity.

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