Top Reasons Why Fast Web Hosting is Important

Website speed is critical, particularly if it serves a business function and definitely when it supports the selling of products or services via ecommerce. Although there are more aspects to consider when improving the speed of your website, choosing the right web hosting provider that provides you with the highest speed for your website is a no brainer.

Higher Positions in Search Engines

Google rally likes fast websites and rewards them by placing them higher in the search results. This is because your website visitors are also Google’s visitors, and Google naturally only wants to offer the best user experience to maintain its popularity. To respond to this, your website must load within 2 to 3 seconds. It has been researched that a significant percentage of visitors drop out when the website takes longer than three seconds to load.

Although the speed of a website is more than web hosting alone, the web hosting services being used do play a key role when it comes to the speed of your website and your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results. This makes it all the more important to be critical when choosing the right web hosting provider.

Satisfied Customers

A fast website may contribute to a good user experience for your website visitors. When your client and potential customers can’t navigate through your website fast enough and have to wait a long time for the content to fully load, they will most probably get frustrated and leave. Time is precious and no customer would like to wait. Customer satisfaction is a key prerequisite for online success.

If a website page does not satisfy clients’ expectations, they will probably leave. Facebook has also said that posts with fast website links are more likely to load in the news feed than ones with sluggish website links. Do you have a website that loads quickly? Then your Facebook postings will appear earlier in the timeline. So, fast web hosting is important for more than SEO and satisfied customers alone.

Higher Conversions

According to several studies, the speed of an ecommerce website has a direct impact on the length of visits. People prefer to stay on a website longer if it is speedy. When people spend more time on a website or at an online shop, they click on more pages. People who visit more pages are more likely to convert than those who simply visit one or two pages. A sluggish website may not only degrade the usability of an online store, it will probably also result in the loss of money due to missed conversions.

The fact that your website’s conversion rate can be enhanced by making it quicker should be motivation enough to choose the right web hosting provider. When you consider the benefits of substantially higher rankings in search results, cheaper marketing expenditures, and bigger sales, selecting the fastest web hosting services for your business should be your top priority.

Server Speed Checkers

When measuring web hosting and website speed, keep in mind that false positives are always a possibility. You may get a far more realistic sense of the webhost’s potential by using multiple tools and doing speed tests from various places.

A download/upload test is included in many tools. The checker will start numerous connections and attempt to download a tiny bit of content after the initial server response ping. This examines both the speed of a particular server and the ability of a webhost’s servers to handle demand. In a similar fashion, the server system may reverse the process and upload a data fragment from your computer to the web server.

GTMetrix and WebPageTest and Pingdom are some examples of tools. It’s quite a straightforward procedure: You select the server location. The checker server produces a round-trip HTTP request to your webhost’s server, which indicates how quickly everything transpired.