Top Three Virtualization Vulnerabilities – training with phoenixNAP and Intel

Anthony Dezilva, Business Development Manager at phoenixNAP
Supported by:
Steve Beckis, Business Development Manager at Intel

Moving workloads to the cloud is happening. What does this mean to IT operations? Security risks? What’s in your blindspot?

Moving workloads to cloud environments are no longer a choice. It is happening, whether you choose to move your on-premise workloads to shared or semi-shared virtualization environments, or your users choose to use hosted SaaS based service offerings, the move is happening. Along with it, your scope of cyber security needs. Join us to discuss the top three security concerns, and how we at phoenixNAP have partnered with Intel and VMWare to create a secure, industry audited cloud infrastructure offering, that can help alleviate some of the risks.

Setting up our Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offering, we have learned a lot about how an integrated set of security tools can not only improve your security posture, but allow you to be effective at detecting and mitigating your Incidents of Compromise (IoC). The industry average of 100 days to detect a breach, is not acceptable.

We have to do better, and through use of orchestration and Artificial Intelligence (AI), how we aim to do better. More importantly, by coupling our security services with our secure infrastructure offerings, how we aim to create a more secure security posture, for our clients.

Learn how our partnerships with Intel and the new Intel Xeon Scalable Processors family can be leveraged today for your infrastructure needs. Get access to the latest technology that enhances performance and security of your critical workloads, in an Opex cost structure.

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