Tranquil Hosting Adds Data Center Location in Ashburn, Virginia

Tranquil Hosting, a web hosting provider founded in 2002, has announced that its latest data center location is online now in Ashburn, Virginia. The data center, located in Equinix’s colocation facility in Ashburn, would offer great network connectivity to one of North America’s busiest peering points and a major gateway to Europe. 

Like Tranquil Hosting‘s other data center locations, the Ashburn data center features the company’s complete services portfolio including dedicated servers, bare metal and cloud hosting, allowing server deployments “within minutes.” The new infrastructure would feature the latest processors and SSDs.

tranquil hosting bare metal cloud“We’re very excited to open our new Ashburn data center to our customers who require access to the nation’s capitol, and its government agencies and surrounding businesses and universities,” said Mark Price, CEO of Tranquil Hosting. “Our bare metal deployments allow MaaS – or metal as a service – which means our customers can deploy to a real machine at a price that’s comparable to cloud deployments.” 

In addition, Tranquil Hosting plans to continue its aggressive data center launches with its bare metal and cloud platforms and services, he added.