Transform your business with Google's open, hybrid, and multi-cloud enterprise network

Modernization and digital transformation starts with the network, which must enable agile access to the innovation promised by cloud, as well as simplified models for multi-cloud, multi-platform deployments. The network must evolve to provide agility, simplicity, and openness that is needed to power this transformation.

Google’s enterprise network is revolutionizing the enterprise networks paradigm, enabling you to use Google’s network as your own to connect your offices, branches, data center, Google, and other public clouds. It provides innovative technical and business models for open multi-cloud, application-centric networks, and integrates with a partner ecosystem, so that you can leverage your current on-premises site investments.

Speakers: Rohith Ramkumar, Kerry Takenaka

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product: Cloud Interconnect; fullname: Rohith Ramkumar, Kerry Takenaka;

Duration: 00:10:28
Publisher: Google Cloud
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