TRC Interactive Provides Online Financial Training on Rackspace Managed Cloud

Since 1973, TRC Interactive, Inc. has provided custom training solutions to financial service industries around the world and today stands as the nation’s leading provider of interactive financial institution training. TRC’s training solutions are recognized as the key to saving time and money by providing consistent training that improves performance and increases retention.

In this video, Glenn Williams, Web Application Developer with TRC Interactive talks about how Rackspace has taken a video and CD-Rom delivered financial training solutions into the online age. “We see ourselves helping people,” explains Williams. “We don’t want to have to find technology in order to help people. Rackspace does that through their hosting. They help me do my job, they help our company stay stable and solid. If I have a problem, Rackspace embraces my problem with the intensity to solve it.”

Duration: 00:01:15
Publisher: Rackspace
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