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Spear Phishing

Most of us are now aware enough of scams to be wary of emails that claim to be from our bank or other organisation. Because of this, cyber criminals are finding new ways to steal our information. One of these ways is spear phishing.

Messages sent in a spear phishing attack are highly targeted to make them appear to have been sent from a trusted source, for example a person in authority in your company or a member of your company’s technical team.

It is unlikely to be random hackers who carry out these attacks. If you receive a spear phishing email, it will more than likely mean you are being specifically targeted. Often the hackers will be seeking financial gain or trade secrets.

To protect yourself from spear phishing, don’t click on any links in emails you aren’t sure about. If you receive an email asking you to update log in information, don’t click the link or reply. If you are in any doubt, speak to the person the email claims to be from to see if it’s genuine.

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