TRI-AD: Large-Scale and High-Performance Distributed Training Platform

TRI-AD stands for Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development. It was established as a joint company in March, 2018 by Toyota, Denso, and Aisin in order to further accelerate its efforts in automated driving. TRI-AD has many engineers and develops automated driving software on AWS to be deployed in vehicles. TRI-AD’s ML platform for developing the deep learning model for object recognition, which is the foundation of autonomous driving, is running on AWS, and this platform requires extremely high performance and large scale. On the next “This Is My Architecture”, Jack Yan from TRI-AD will explain a high-performance distributed training environment using EC2 Placement Group and FSx for Lustre, and a multi-region architecture using CloudFormation and S3 Cross-Region Replication.

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Duration: 00:03:43
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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