Tripwire Launches Its Cloud Management Assessor to Help Organizations Monitor AWS Cloud Environments for Security Risks

Global provider of security and compliance solutions, Tripwire, has announced the release of Tripwire Cloud Management Assessor – an extension of its flagship Tripwire Enterprise solution. By allowing users to scan and assess their Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) environments, Tripwire’s Cloud Management Assessor would help strengthen cybersecurity and maintain compliance.

Tripwire’s Cloud Management Assessor helps Tripwire Enterprise customers determine the security state of their AWS Cloud deployment by gathering, analyzing and scoring configuration data based on the ‘Center for Internet Security AWS Foundations Benchmark.’

aws cloud“While cloud adoption provides many important business benefits, it presents its own set of security challenges that organizations need to be aware of and also know how to handle,” said David Meltzer, chief technology officer (CTO|) of Tripwire. “When moving an on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, there are parts of the environment that you no longer have visibility into. Tripwire’s Cloud Management Assessor helps organizations overcome these issues by increasing their visibility into AWS environments, which ultimately helps improve security.”

Tripwire’s Cloud Management Assessor would ensure that an AWS Management Console is securely configured to prevent attacks and downtime while also monitoring for configuration changes that may affect the confidentiality, integrity or availability of a user’s cloud assets. In addition, Cloud Management Assessor delivers visibility across multiple AWS Management Consoles.

“Many organizations now operate a ‘hybrid enterprise,’ which involves a blend of physical, virtual, and private and public cloud environments,” said Mr. Meltzer. While this provides operational flexibility, it also brings additional complexity to the security landscape. Tripwire Enterprise with Cloud Management Assessor provides extended visibility and security configuration management to cloud management interfaces. The solution also manages this information in the same system being used to maintain security for on-premise environments, providing a consolidated and comprehensive approach for maintaining cybersecurity best practices and compliance for organizations adopting Amazon Web Services.”