Troubleshoot Dataproc Cluster Creation Errors

Have you experienced any failures while creating Dataproc clusters? Are you interested to learn how to troubleshoot Dataproc creation cluster errors?

Check out this video where we provide a quick overview of the common issues that can lead to failures during creation of Dataproc clusters and the tools that can be used to troubleshoot such issues. We will go through a live scenario where we troubleshoot and resolve the Dataproc cluster creation issues using Cloud Logging and Cloud Monitoring.

We will also cover how to use the Google Cloud CLI diagnose command to create a diagnostic cluster that can be shared with the Google Cloud Support team to expedite their investigation of your support cases.

0:00 – Intro
0:06 – Overview
0:22 – Common Issues
0:36 – Troubleshooting Tools
1:15 – Demo #1: Troubleshoot Cluster Creation
2:02 – Missing IAM permission
2:33 – Solution: Grant IAM Compute Network User Role
2:48 – Demo #2: Troubleshoot Cluster Creation Error
3:03 – Timed out Error caused by Missing Firewall Rule
3:28 – Confirm Firewall Issue with Cloud Monitoring
4:10 – Solution: Add Firewall Rule to unblock communication
4:32 – Demo #3: Creating a Diagnostic Tarball
5:04 – Further Reading

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Duration: 00:05:22
Publisher: Google Cloud
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