True Launches Private Beta Managed Kubernetes Hosting

Netherlands-based hosting provider True starts with a private beta for managed Kubernetes hosting. Kubernetes is a platform that simplifies the management of containerized applications. The hosting provider will provide Kubernetes as a fully managed hosting service.

Container technology is a technology that can run one or more processes of an application in a very compact way. This can for example be a NodeJS application or a NGINX web server including a PHP application. Within the container only the software is running that is minimally needed to execute the process.

Containers allow developers to implement and deploy software on a larger scale, faster and more efficiently. There would also be no need for a 24×7 enabled test environment. This makes the step towards Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) more accessible and faster for many developers.

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True Managed Hosting

The managed hosting provider from the Netherlands will offer this Kubernetes hosting service as a hybrid solution. It is possible for example to host Kubernetes on True’s existing virtualization platform and – based on application and workload – select and setup the best (public cloud) platform such as Google Cloud Platform, Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“Kubernetes is anything but simple,” said Daniel de Groot, Head of Sales at True Webspace. “Setting up the available storage, infrastructure, load balancing and IP allocation within Kubernetes is still a major challenge. These components therefore receive extra attention from us within the private beta.”

Container Templates

The hosting provider will provide Kubernetes as a fully managed service. This means that the Solutions Architects of True will think along in the preliminary process for the most optimal design that is then realized, monitored and updated. If something changes within the containerized application or within Kubernetes, True would anticipate this at an early stage. This way, developers would be able to benefit from the advantages of containerized hosting while True supports the Kubernetes environment 24×7, and it monitors and intervenes when necessary.

For each customer in the private beta True engages a Solutions Architect. Together with the customer, this hosting expert looks at the best possible set-up of the containerized application and how Kubernetes can contribute to this. True goes further than just letting the containerized applications land optimally. True can also advise to have existing legacy applications move in phases to a containerized environment. Then customers can start with a microservice application infrastructure. True would also offer training options for developers to learn how to deal with the Kubernetes technology.

True will also develop container templates for the most commonly used CMSs (such as WordPress) and frameworks (such as Laravel and Symfony). Developers do not have to arrange everything down to the last detail then. The templates are immediately ready for use, allowing developers to focus on their core activity: improving and renewing the application and releasing it quickly.

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