TrueAchievements Launches PlayStation Network on Leased Servers RapidSwitch

game-serversBandwidth, a low latency network and bespoke technical support has helped UK-based TrueAchievements become the go-to Xbox community site. Now TrueAchievements has a PlayStation version of the website called in beta. The company will be expanding current RapidSwitch managed hosting infrastructure to cope with its expected popularity.

TrueAchievements is a fully-fledged social network for the Xbox gaming community. It provides an alternative, more skill-related scoring method for Xbox games by re-calculating Xbox Live GamerScores using a formula related to the difficulty of the achievements that have been won. It gets 850,000 unique visitors a month and has almost 20 million monthly page views.

UK Hosting

The PlayStation Network of TrueAchievements will again be hosted by RapidSwitch, on the existing managed hosting infrastructure in its UK Maidenhead data center. To support the growth, TrueAchievements will be expanding its managed hosting infrastructure with RapidSwitch from a single colocated 1U dedicated server to three leased dedicated servers, including one ‘behemoth’ created by the RapidSwitch technical team which has Dual Intel Xeon Hex-Core L5640; 128GB Memory; and 8 x 2.5″ 600GB 10k Hard Drives in RAID 10.

Rich Stone, developer of TrueAchievements, said: “Launching a site with this much functionality is unprecedented in gaming. We’re in the process of testing everything thoroughly before we take the PlayStation world by storm!”

RapidSwitch is one of the UK’s larger managed hosting and dedicated server companies. Based in Maidenhead, Berkshire, it hosts over 20,000 servers for a wide range of clients. RapidSwitch is a subsidiary of AIM listed iomart Group plc.