Tunisia’s Zitouna Bank Chooses IBM Cloud For Core Banking Systems, Mobile, Internet Services

Zitouna Bank, a Tunesian bank founded in 2009, has selected cloud capabilities consisting of IBM systems, software and services to transform its core banking platform and develop new services for customers. This project will support Zitouna Bank’s objectives to roll out new mobile and Internet banking services.

ibm-cloud-bankingAs in many developing countries, more than 50 percent of the Tunisian population does not have access to modern, reliable financial services and more than a quarter have no bank accounts at all. The cloud project will also support the bank’s objectives to open up to 18 new branches per year. 

Zitouna Bank has been using IBM systems and software since it was founded in 2009. Adopting a cloud model would provide an enterprise that is scalable, flexible, with support for its growth objectives and the ability to handle mission-critical workloads.

The new cloud infrastructure is based on IBM Power Systems and other servers, IBM PowerVM virtualization software, IBM Storwize V7000 storage systems, and IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack cloud management software. IBM Global Technology Services is providing implementation, maintenance and disaster recovery services, as well as training for the bank’s staff.

Banking processes

ibm-cloud-servers“Our aim is to provide a diversified portfolio of modern banking services to enterprises and individuals, and establish ourselves as a leader in Tunisian banking,” said Lasaad Jaziri, CIO for Zitouna Bank. “IBM’s cloud capabilities will help us roll out a wider range of services and products, such as new mobile and Internet banking services, while also improving efficiency of internal banking processes and reducing our operational footprint.”

The new cloud capabilities are expected to allow Zitouna Bank to improve application availability and reduce end-of-day batch processing time for daily transactions by more than 85 percent, from over 13 hours to 70 minutes. Greater operational efficiency will allow the bank to focus more on introducing innovative banking products for their customers and less on managing daily business operations.

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