TurnKey Internet Launches ‘Business-Class’ Cloud Storage and File Sharing Service

Sustainable IT solutions provider, TurnKey Internet, has announced the launch of its TurnKey Cloud – a secured ‘next-generation’ file sharing and data storage service. The cloud-based file sharing and data storage service targets corporate and business users.

TurnKey Cloud is a cloud based file sharing and data storage service that offers access to data from any desktop or mobile device ‘securely’ through private key encryption; local caching for off-line and traveling workers; reporting tools; data roll back; shared data among departments; and secured apps for Apple IOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices.

turnkey-internet-cloud-backupTurnKey Cloud was built from the ground up with business users in mind. Included management controls provide granular access and sharing policies, coupled with historical auditing of every file access, changed file, login and device that touches a company’s data. TurnKey Cloud’s business-class features like file access reporting and version control tracking would help maintain business privacy and security policies and provide compliance tracking.

“Most cloud-based file sharing services are not focused on privacy or security and focus on consumer grade options like photo or music sharing,” said Adam Wills, CEO of TurnKey Internet, Inc.TurnKey Cloud fills the gap that businesses are asking for by delivering a secure and easy to use end to end encrypted experience that provides access controls, reporting, and total compliance tracking.”

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