TurnKey Internet Launches Cloud Backup with Business Continuity Service

TurnKey Internet, a sustainable IT solutions provider with a data center facility in Latham, NY – New York’s Tech Valley Region, has announced the launch of their TurnKey Vault Secure Cloud Backup service. The all-new product delivers online backup services focused on business continuity and disaster recovery to individuals, businesses and large-scale organizations across the globe.

TurnKey Vault offers next-generation backup technology including bare metal recovery, Linux, Windows and Mac operating system support, encrypted data protection, as well as backups for enterprise databases such as Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL.

turnkey-internet-cloud-backupThe new cloud backup solution would offer true business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR) through Virtual Disaster Recovery combined with live cloud replication, to provide instant recovery to businesses by restoring any server, PC, or laptop into a cloud-based virtual private server that is accessible via the Internet.

TurnKey Vault’s live cloud replication allows instant restoration of your operating system, files, configuration, registry files, software programs, licenses, and everything to bring a laptop, PC, or server back into full production without any additional hardware or IT staff. The fully restored cloud-based server, PC or laptop would be cloud-ready and accessible via the Internet via any mobile phone, tablet, PC using remote desktop protocols or any web browser to access your entire system.

”Data loss is a reality – you are more likely to lose your business data in the next 7 years than get audited by the IRS,” said Adam Wills, CEO of TurnKey Internet. “The reality of the current generation backup solutions out there is that it’s not enough to just backup your data and hope to put the pieces back together after disaster strikes- that can lead to countless days or weeks of lost business productivity and expensive IT support staff time. With our TurnKey Vault technology combined with our cloud-based datacenter services, we can literally restore an entire office building of lost servers and PCs back into fully accessible and functional copies so your business can get back up and running fast.”

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