TurnKey Internet Unveils Cloud Channel Partner Reseller Program

Albany, New York-based data center and cloud hosting solutions provider, TurnKey Internet, has announced the launch of its Cloud Channel Partner Reseller Program. The new program will provide access to white label resale and distribution on all cloud hosting products and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offered by TurnKey Internet. 

Turnkey Internet’s Cloud Channel Partner Reseller program is designed to ensure that partners are rewarded for their efforts using a “straightforward” system which would enable them to save up to 20% automatically on top of any online promotional offers when ordering private labeled products and services to distribute to their clients. They can then resell at any price individually or bundle it with other services under their own company name. Partners will also have exclusive access to reseller-only product bundles and custom server configurations. 

turnkey internetThe new channel partner program will provide access to white label resale and distribution on all coud-hosted products and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offered by TurnKey Internet such as colocation, cloud servers, dedicated servers, web hosting, and disaster recovery backup services.

“TurnKey Internet has a 15+ year story of growth that includes a great reputation for both reliability and customer satisfaction – we’re among the top Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting providers thanks to making every investment (data center, computer server, or staff member) have precise targeted goals on our commitment to always focus on the needs of our customers.” said Adam Wills, CEO of TurnKey Internet. “With our new Cloud Channel Partner Reseller program, we consulted our existing Resellers to address what our partners are asking for – simplicity with comprehensive access to our entire cloud, colocation, web hosting, and server platform of services.”

To ensure success, a Partner Account Manager is assigned to each Reseller that will directly answer questions, create custom quotes and provide additional incentives on the right solutions to help each Turnkey Internet reseller succeed.