[TUTORIAL] How to Purchase, Assign and Manage Public IP Blocks on Bare Metal Cloud

This guide will show you how to configure a Bare Metal Cloud (BMC) server to work with the new public IP block allocation feature. It covers both the steps for configuring an IP block during server deployment and unassigning, replacing, and deleting IP blocks post-deployment.

Bare Metal Cloud is phoenixNAP’s API-driven platform built to enable automated provisioning of dedicated servers. With its own API and CLI, as well as diverse Infrastructure as Code integrations, BMC enables simplified setup, scaling, and management.

You can leverage hourly billing and monthly reservation options for advanced cost optimization. 15 TB of free bandwidth is included (5 TB in Singapore) for all servers deployed in a single location and flexible bandwidth packages are available for more advanced needs.

Learn more about Bare Metal Cloud:
https://phoenixnap.com/bare-metal-cloudSee pricing and instances: https://phoenixnap.com/bare-metal-clo…Get BMC modules on GitHub: https://github.com/phoenixnap

Duration: 00:02:40
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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