Tutorial – Introduction to the HostDime Affiliate Program


A HostDime tutorial on how to navigate and use the HostDime affiliate program. Refer your friends or followers and make money doing it.


Hello everybody and welcome to another HostDime tutorial. Today I am going to teach you about the HostDime affiliate program. You can start by going to the HostDime home page, and going to the upper right hand corner and clicking on Core login. It will bring you to your client portal login page. You can start by typing in your email and password and go ahead and click login. Now we come to the main client portal dashboard. Come to the top navigation bar and hover over services. Your first option is going to be affiliate program, so go ahead and click on it. Alright, this will bring you to the main affiliate program page. Right here you have sales reports and you have impressions. Now what you are going to do if you haven’t used the affiliate program before, is go ahead and click on create banners. Right here is your unique URL link that you will be sharing with your friends or people that are coming to your website. This number at the end will show us who is making the sales and whose account should get credited. In the next box are a few tips on how to get people to click your links on social networks. Now if you scroll down, we have a text based link, which if you have a blog and you want to link us through on a certain keyword, what you would do is copy and paste this related to that certain keyword in the HTML code. Finally, we are at banners. All you have to do is click on any one of these banners and it will bring up the HTML code. You will go into the backend of your website or blog, copy, and paste it into the HTML, wherever you like it. That might include the header, the sidebar, or the footer. In this case, this would be a great banner for the sidebar. This might be a good banner for the top of your page. Again you would just copy, and paste that into the backend of your HTML. As you can see, the affiliate program is not as intimidating as some people might think.

Duration: 2:10
Publisher: HostDime
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