TV Globo: Rendering Visual Effects in Scale with Thinkbox Deadline on AWS [Portuguese]

In this episode of This Is My Architecture (, Thiago Abreu, Project Manager explain how visual effects are rendered in scale on AWS using Thinkbox Deadline solutions. TV Globo now can render visual effects on demand, in an elastic and cost-effective way using Amazon EC2 Spot instances. As they don’t have limits anymore to process any volume and complexity of visual effects, their content became better and this capacity is very valuable for their business. Designers continue having the same user experience, but with AWS Deadline Portal, the AWS EC2 Spot instances environment is automatically provisioned. This environment scales the compute capacity on demand and they are able to render a sample of frames to validate their work. The visual effects library is replicated to S3 keeping the same structure that designers are used to have.
Tweet: Rendering visual effects in scale with Thinkbox Deadline on AWS.

Host: Claudia Charro, Solutions Architect, AWS
Customer: Thiago Abreu, Project Manager, TV Globo

Duration: 6:37
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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