TVB: Microservices Architecture for Live Streaming Platform [Cantonese]

In this episode of This Is My Architecture –, TVB, shows off their microservices architecture. Sam Leung, Head of Application Development, explains how they handle traffic spikes, uplift service availability, and raise team productivity with the microservice architecture. By walking through different use cases, Sam explains the technique of selecting different AWS services for APIs with different traffic and read/write characteristics. Learn how TVB mixes with Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, Amazon ECS, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Aurora in their BigBigChannel platform.

Host: Dickson Yue, Solutions Architect
Customer: Sam Leung – Head of Application Development – TVB.COM Limited

在本集的「This is My Architecture」, TVB將會展示他們的Microservices架構。 Sam Leung – Head of Application Development,將會介紹他們如何處理突如其來的流量飆升,提升服務的可用性,以及提升團隊的生產力。 透過聽取數過應用場景的講解,你將會了解到如何選擇適不同的AWS service 作為應付不同的流量和讀寫特性的要決。你將會看到他們在BigBigChannel 的架構上怎樣同時利用到S3, Lambda, ECS, Elasticache, DynamoDB and Aurora 。

Duration: 5:10
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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