Software provider Txture has released a new SaaS offering for cloud professionals to offer insights into the multi-cloud market space. For different cloud professionals like cloud consultants, clearly knowing the market dynamics is necessary in order to move fast and deliver top-notch services to their clients. Elements like knowledge regarding the technical specifics, data residency, and deep cloud market are key to staying at the top of the market and beating the competition.

Talking about Txture, it is an independent software vendor with locations in the US and EU. The products of this organization are specialized in cloud transformation tool support. The brand new product of the company, Cloud Insider, adds another key component for cloud professionals to the Txture Cloud Product Suite.

Problems that can be solved via Cloud Insider

Companies have been focusing on moving data and applications to the cloud, it has emerged as a trend that experienced a one-of-a-kind growth in the Coronavirus pandemic. To look at multi-cloud storage strategies for driving enterprise transformations is becoming more important with each passing day. Cloud has established itself as the main source of innovation and a building block to address current business challenges created by global crisis and competition.

Cloud services differ to a great extent when it comes to supporting various processes, applications, and workloads. As we can see that the cloud market is on an evolving spree, cloud providers regularly roll out brand new managed services and upgrades. It becomes a quite challenging task to get an up-to-date overview of the ever-changing cloud market, being able to quickly produce offers, comparing alternatives, bills of materials, and RFPs.

The main objective is to come to the conclusion as to which services are the most appropriate for different enterprises and how one can implement them in the most simple, secure, and cost effective way. Cloud Insider is one of the most important toolboxes for everyone in the cloud space, as claimed by the knowledge of currently over 200,000 cloud services offerings across 7 major cloud spaces. Cloud Insider can be of advantage for clients who are looking for:

  • Exploration of the Multi-Cloud service market
  • Comparison of Multi-Cloud services across cloud providers
  • Preparation of Bill of Materials for Cloud-Native Applications and RFPs
  • Analysis of regulatory compliance and certifications of services

Txture Co-founder and CEO, Matthias Farwick said that the organization has built a vast knowledge base of the global cloud services market over the last few years. He further said that on a personal note, he is excited that now the Txture can bring knowledge to its partners and clients to help them perform better in the cloud-first world.

Cloud Insider is delivered as a free version known as ‘Cloud Freelancer’ that tends to provide visibility across the multi-cloud ecosystem. There is also a premium version of the service named ‘Cloud Professional’ that provides extended functionality for professional use, e.g. in large RFPs.

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