Tyco Keeps Life-Safety Monitoring Apps Running with Windows Server Containers and Docker

Tyco is the eyes and ears of thousands of companies around the world. It provides fire and security protection for sprawling corporate campuses, retail stores, universities, and even ships at sea. To keep its eyes and ears open, Tyco has to ensure that its monitoring systems are up and running around the clock. And that quickly takes us into the complex world of software application construction. Tyco is taking advantage of Windows Server 2016, and in particular Windows Server Containers in conjunction with the Docker Engine, to first containerize legacy applications and later re-architect them into microservices. This one-two software punch will give the security giant the ability to update large, older applications in a modular fashion and keep monitoring applications running continuously. It also lets Tyco scale applications to handle larger monitoring loads and run those applications in the cloud to reduce costs. Systems run smoothly so everyone can sleep better at night.

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Duration: 2:34
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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