U.S. Based ReliableSite Shares Its Ingredients for a High-Value Bare Metal Hosting Package

Specialized in bare metal dedicated servers, ReliableSite has developed their platform from the ground up to be able to deploy and scale dedicated servers in the same flexible way as cloud is being deployed. An interview at CloudFest in Germany with Radic Davydov, CEO of ReliableSite, about his company’s ‘secret sauce’ for bare metal.

A few months ago, ReliableSite expanded its data center presence in the US to include a facility in Los Angeles. The company’s data center presence also includes strategically located facilities in New York and Miami through which it serves clients in South America, Europe, and Asia as well.

In this video interview, Mr. Davydov elaborates on this data center expansion, and he also explains why CloudFest is an important event for them as a hosting provider based out of the US.