U.S. Hosting Provider, A2 Hosting, Launches New ‘Turbo’ Web Hosting

Web hosting provider A2 Hosting, a U.S. hosting provider with data center space available in Southfield, Michigan, and Reykjavik, Iceland, has announced the launch of their ‘Turbo’ web hosting services. Sites hosted on Turbo servers would load up to 20-times faster compared to standard hosting.

turbo-web-hostingA key feature of A2 Hosting’s Turbo web hosting services is APC Powered By SwiftCache, allowing for improved performance of PHP applications. Unlike some other hosts who do not allow APC use in a shared hosting environment, A2 Hosting Turbo customers get to experience the significant speed advantages provided by APC. APC optimizes performance by storing a copy of executable code, allowing the server to skip reading and compiling a file or group of files each time a PHP script is run.

Additional features contributing to A2’s Turbo web hosting speed include:

  • Fewer users per server
  • Hosted on SwiftServer SSDs
  • Would use less CPU and memory than Apache
  • Would handle connections fast and efficiently
  • Provides enhanced stability

“When we say ‘Our Speed, Your Success’, we really mean it,” said A2 Hosting’s Marketing Manager Brad Litwin. “It’s crucial to remember that page load speed impacts search engine rankings, conversion rates, visitor satisfaction, and bounce rates. The list goes on, but the most important statistic page load speed can impact is your bottom line. Our hope is that A2 Hosting’s Turbo servers can help contribute to the success of our customers.”

A2 Hosting’s launch of their Turbo servers comes just a few weeks after the release of A2 Optimized WordPress Hosting. A2 Optimized is a service exclusive to A2 Hosting customers that automatically configures WordPress sites, taking the guesswork out of how to get the fastest page load speeds. A2 Optimized WordPress is now available on Turbo servers.