U.S. Logistics Management Company, Genpro, Selects Peak Cloud for Its Entire Data Infrastructure

Genpro, a logistics service provider specializing in transportation management solutions for perishable and non-perishable freight throughout North America, has selected Peak to deliver their enterprise-grade cloud hosting infrastructure and migrate Genpro’s entire data infrastructure to the cloud along with full implementation of a Virtual Desktop Solution.

peak-cloudAs a U.S. logistics management company, Genpro’s expertise lies in the safe, reliable transport of freight, which requires the highest reliability and 24×7 support. The company specializes in transportation management solutions for perishable and non-perishable freight throughout North America, and must adhere to strict requirements to ensure 100% contact with its drivers, optimal freight temperatures and compliance with many state regulations.

True to Peak’s 100% channel centric model, Genpro was first introduced to Peak by channel partner, Telx. All teams would work closely together to design the most optimal cloud hosting solution and ensure smooth migrations to the cloud.


By utilizing Peak’s cloud and not managing their infrastructure in-house, Genpro eliminates all hardware, and will enjoy a significant cost reduction over a five-year period.

cloud-hosting“Peak‘s guidance and expertise was crucial in our decision to outsource to the cloud versus running our own datacenter,” said Ari Weinstock, Information Technology Manager for Genpro. “Peak works closely with us to help determine how much CPU capacity, IOPs and hard drive space we need. When looking at a five-year plan, we will have savings each year along with other benefits. Had we decided to run our own IT environment, our hardware would be in need of a complete refresh in years four and five. Also, we would have had to make sure we had the right kind of in-house support to keep up with older systems and we would still have needed to purchase new equipment.”

“By outsourcing, Peak will refresh our hardware in year three and we will always have the best in breed configuration and equipment,” added Weinstock. “Peak made the decision to move away from our expensive CAPEX model quite easy.”

Distributing cloud hosting services exclusively through channel partners, Peak helps resellers, distributors, agents and service providers leverage the cloud powered by Peak. Peak has experienced tremendous growth and recently announced it secured a new round funding to support the expansion of its cloud node capacities in existing locations and meet increasing demand for cloud hosting services. Peak’s cloud nodes are located in eight geographies across the United States and Europe including Silicon Valley, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, and the United Kingdom.