Ubersmith Adds Professional Services to Its Subscription Management Software

Ubersmith, a pioneer in cloud, web hosting, and data center services subscription management, has added a variety of professional services to help clients get the most out of their Ubersmith software package, including custom reporting, training, and other specialized services. The firm currently offers complete solutions to its global clientele, which include its software suite combined with extra services to fulfill specific customer needs.

“Our focus with today’s news is helping our customers optimize their use of our software suite that covers all essential business operations,” said Kurt Daniel, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Ubersmith. “These new professional services have been broadly requested by customers and complement the recently announced managed services offerings that we announced in September. We have evolved to deliver complementary services to our software as our customers and prospects are asking for more customization and assistance for their implementations.”

The following are examples of professional services now being offered by Ubersmith:

  • Custom reports delivered to clients or reports created for customers to run themselves
  • Specialized plugins and custom modules
  • Data searches and specific scripts, as well as importing data from another source
  • Code-based integration training that includes everything from onboarding to help and education

Ubersmith’s professional services start at $250 for an hour of basic onboarding training and go up depending on skill complexity and estimated hours. Over time, the organization intends to expand its professional services offerings.

The newly launched professional services are in addition to the professional services that Ubersmith partners already provide to clients and prospects throughout the world. Devtech, GlowTouch, ModulesGarden, and Wipro are among Ubersmith’s preferred services partners.

Acquired by Lumine Group

Photo Kurt Daniel CEO at Ubersmith
“Our focus with today’s news is helping our customers optimize their use of our software suite that covers all essential business operations,” said Kurt Daniel CEO at Ubersmith.

Ubersmith is a pioneer in cloud and data center services subscription management software. Based in New York, Ubersmith offers open, scalable, and integrated billing, infrastructure, and ticketing solutions. As a subscription business management software firm, Ubersmith provides cloud, data center, SaaS, and other enterprises with mission-critical billing, device management, support tickets, and customer relationship management features. The open and scalable software suite would act as the brains behind a company’s operations.

Ubersmith is used by companies all over the world to better serve their clients and streamlining their operations. Companies like DataBank, Namecheap, Sitey, and WOW are among Ubersmith’s clients.

Ubersmith offers recurring and usage-based invoicing for cloud services, bandwidth, virtualization, backup, power, and support, among other things. More than 100 built-in software, hardware, and service connectors are available, as well as a plugin system and application programming interface (API) for further customization and integration.

Ubersmith was bought by Lumine Group in July 2021, and is now part of Lumine’s network of communications, media, and related software companies. Ubersmith was previously owned by INAP.

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