Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Released by Cloud Platform Provider Canonical

Canonical, commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu project and provider of support services for Ubuntu deployments in the enterprise, has launched its 14.04 Long Term Support version, Ubuntu’s third LTS cloud release.

“451 Research estimates OpenStack distributions to be an $82m market by 2014 and a $119m market by 2015,” said Jay Lyman, Senior Analyst, 451 Research. “With many OpenStack deployments being built on Ubuntu today, the launch of 14.04 LTS and its latest capabilities and features make it an important consideration for any organization building public cloud hosting, private and hybrid environments today and going forward.”

OpenStack community

ubuntu-server-os“Ubuntu has helped establish OpenStack as the leading open cloud platform today and the Ubuntu Cloud Archive is the default way for many to get the latest stable releases of OpenStack,” said Kevin Jackson, key author and leader in the OpenStack community. “14.04 LTS with Icehouse is much anticipated by the OpenStack community as offering the right blend of stability and access to the latest cloud capabilities.”

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS includes new versions of Juju and MAAS to design, deploy and scale services faster on cloud or bare metal. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS also introduces support for IBM Power Systems and POWER, the open architecture from IBM, which is at the center of the OpenPOWER Consortium, a cross-industry initiative to bring POWER to large scale environments such as cloud and analytics.

Cisco, IBM

“Canonical is an important element of Cisco’s OpenStack partner ecosystem for our Application Centric Infrastructure,” said Lew Tucker, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Computing at Cisco. “We believe Ubuntu 14.04 will deliver the scale, reliability and performance customers are looking for in OpenStack solutions on Cisco’s Unified Computing System and Nexus 1000V virtual networking platform.”

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS runs on all major public cloud hosting services, creating a common platform that enables ISVs, SAAS providers and end users the freedom to choose the cloud provider that best meets their needs by service level, regulatory compliance or jurisdiction.

Canonical works with cloud hosting service providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, HP Cloud, Joyent, IBM SoftLayer and SmartCloud to optimize Ubuntu and ensure a consistent, quality cloud hosting experience. Choosing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on those platforms would enable users to deploy cloud hosting applications securely, knowing they will be supported with patches and updates for many years.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is now available to download at: www.ubuntu.com/download.