Google Cloud and Canonical have announced a new Ubuntu offering to all the Google Cloud users named Ubuntu Pro. In simple terms, Ubuntu Pro on Google Cloud will give instant access to security patching covering thousands of open source applications for a tenure of around 10 years along with critical compliance features necessary for running workloads in regulated environments.

Google Cloud is a long-term partner of Canonical and it has provided various innovative developer solutions, from Kubernetes, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to desktop. In consideration of the partnership, Canonical and Google Cloud have built a “highly secure, cost-effective, and hardened” DevOps environment with the Ubuntu Pro on Google Cloud for all the enterprises to boost their cloud application.

Talking about Ubuntu Pro on Google Cloud, it is a premium version of Ubuntu dedicated for enterprise production use. The solution would offer administrators and developers a secured DevOps environment with a major focus on security that is one of the most important aspects of all IT systems. Ubuntu Pro is based on standard Ubuntu components and also includes a series of out-of-the-box additional services.

Additional Services Offered By Ubuntu Pro

  • Standard optimizations and security updates included in Ubuntu
  • Patching of high and critical CVEs for the universe repository of Ubuntu. It covers around 30,000 packages consisting of Node.js, Redis, Apache Kafka, MongoDB, etc.
  • Live kernel patching providing VM instances, high-level security, and boosted uptimes
  • Features that will be available in H2 2021: security dashboard for Security Command Center, certified FIPS 140-2 components, managed apps, etc.
  • 10 year maintenance commitment for 18.04 LTS onwards and 8 year maintenance for Ubuntu Pro 16.04 LTS
  • Officially certified components like ISO, FedRAMP, PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA to authorize operating environments under compliance regimes

Ubuntu Pro for Google Cloud at Work

Photo June Yang, VP and GM, Compute, Google Cloud
[PHOTO CAPTION:] “Enterprise customers are increasingly adopting Google Cloud to run their core business-critical and customer-facing applications. The availability of Ubuntu Pro on Google Cloud will offer our enterprise customers the additional security and compliance services needed for their mission-critical workloads,” said June Yang, VP and GM, Compute, Google Cloud.
Ubuntu Pro for Google Cloud would embed an innovative and transparent approach to pricing aspects in order to help customers in getting a better picture of money savings and cost. For example, Ubuntu Pro will be nothing but “3% to 4.5%” of the average computing cost to the customers. This means that the number of computing resources consumed by customers will be indirectly proportional to the payment for Ubuntu Pro.

Customers can also buy Ubuntu Pro directly via Google Cloud Marketplace or GCP console for a simple procurement process, allowing instant access to these commercial features provided by Canonical. Starting off with Ubuntu Pro would require no rocket science as users only need to buy the premium images directly from Google Cloud by choosing Ubuntu Pro as the operating system straightaway from the Google Cloud Console.

Vice President’s Take

Vice President and General Manager at Compute, Google Cloud, June Yang, said that enterprise customers are leaning towards Google Cloud to run all their core customer-facing and business-critical applications at a high pace.

June Yang concluded by saying that Ubuntu Pro on Google Cloud will provide enterprise customers with additional security and compliance services needed for their mission-critical workloads.