UK-based Fasthosts Unveils Dedicated Servers with 128GB

Fasthosts Internet, a UK-based web hosting provider and cloud computing specialist, has unveiled their latest range of dedicated servers. Features of the new dedicated server line include up to 128GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth, latest SSD Technology and up to 4TB HDD – for faster loading websites and applications on hosted IT infrastructure.

dedicated-servers-ukFasthosts’ dedicated servers include up to 32 core AMD processors, up to 2 x 500GB SSD, 2 X 4TB HDD and RAID 1 protected hard disk drives. All Fasthosts servers would guarantee 99.99% uptime, Windows Server 2012 and Linux operating systems, secure, wholly-owned data centers and 24/7 UK phone support.

Dedicated Servers are the ideal solution for IT professionals and businesses that require robust server operations for applications and data storage without the capital expenditure or the physical space required for running hardware 24/7 on their premises.

Microsoft Global Hosting Partner 2011

”Our flagship Dedicated Server is an ideal solution for running business critical applications such as business portals and intranets and for hosting large and complex SQL databases,” said  Simon Yeoman, General Manager, Fasthosts Internet Ltd. “We have upgraded and invested in our Dedicated Server range to ensure unbeatable service delivery and excellent ROI for business users.”

UK-based Fasthosts delivers  shared web hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers, software-as-a-service, cloud hosting, secure online storage and unlimited broadband. The company has won the Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Partner Award 2011 and Microsoft’s Global Hosting Partner Award for 2011.