UK-based Nublue Releases Range of Management Options for Their Web Hosting Clients

Nublue, a Lancashire, UK digital agency and web hosting provider, has released a range of management options for their web hosting clients. These management services are now included as standard for clients across all of their web hosting platforms.

The new management web hosting packages include four defined tiers of management, giving more value and support for all businesses from SMEs and independent retailers to enterprise companies requiring a more bespoke, complex management service.

Nublue’s new ‘Standard’ management package has been rolled out free of charge to all hosting clients on shared web hosting and VPS hosting platforms, with a more Advanced set of management options available as standard for businesses on their dedicated server platform.

nublue web hostingThis ‘Standard’ hosting management package includes daily malware scans, 24/7 platform monitoring, intrusion detection and ModSecurity capability. Their ‘Advanced’ hosting management package includes direct server monitoring, trend analysis, malware cleansing and proactive issue monitoring.

“With today’s increasing security vulnerabilities, there are a number of managed services that are paramount to proving a reliable hosting experience for online businesses,” said Ewan Macleod, Hosting Manager at Nublue. “As such, we have made the decision to roll out a base level of management to all of our hosting clients, which includes 24/7 platform monitoring, daily Malware scans, intrusion detection and ModSecurity capabilities.”

“In doing so, we believe we are offering our clients a more robust, reliable web hosting product,” added Mr. Macleod. “For those customers who require a more comprehensive level of management, we now offer a number of higher level services to suit their business needs. The new packages have allowed us to tailor our services even more to individual clients, with various levels available including a bespoke enterprise option.”