UK-Based The Bunker Leverages Egenera Cloud Suite to Create PCI 3.0 Compliant Cloud Hosting Service

The Bunker, a provider of managed hosting, colocation, and cloud, with fully owned UK data centers outside the M25 yet within easy reach of London, has built a new Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)-as-a-Service cloud using the Egenera Cloud Suite.

The new cloud platform launched by The Bunker is a fully managed PCI DSS v3.0 compatible cloud hosting solution, a solution that can be deployed in a multi-tenant environment while meeting compatibility requirements.

the-bunker-colocation“The Egenera Cloud Suite’s secure multi-tenancy capabilities enabled us to quickly and efficiently offer our customers a managed service that meets new PCI DSS requirements,” said Philip Bindley, CTO of The Bunker. “On top of this, Egenera’s solution provides the highest level of security for both our customers as well as consumers, and is easily repeatable so that we can instantly meet customer demands while saving the time and resources it would otherwise take to create each cloud solution from scratch with another platform.”

The Egenera Cloud Suite combines PAN Cloud Director, PAN Manager and PAN Domain Manager to deliver a cloud management software platform that would make it simple to design, deploy, manage and protect IT as a cloud hosting service.

“Increased concern around security breaches and the push to comply with new PCI requirements are causing a growing number of organizations to partner with service providers for credit card security,” said Thomas Duda, VP of sales EMEA at Egenera. “MSPs who offer secure cloud services are in an ideal position to enter the growing market to address these growing requirements. These new developments are creating an opportunity for MSPs who offer secure cloud services to address their requirements. Our platform enables users to quickly replicate services to scale to meet new market demands which they can leverage to ensure compliance and the security of consumer information.”