UK Cloud Services Provider UKFast Unveils Security Monitoring Solution

UKFast, a CSP headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom, has announced the launch of its security monitoring service that actively seeks out malicious attempts to access systems.

UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones argues that it’s the responsibility of hosting providers to support clients towards greater data protection standards and compliance with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The new Threat Monitoring solution from UKFast would deliver a fully comprehensive package to help businesses identify and defend against a wide range of threats.

Users have the option to combine UKFast Threat Monitoring with their Threat Response solution, which assigns UKFast’s security team to pro-actively respond to and mitigate threats as they arise.

“Without the proper protocols, business owners put themselves and their customers at risk. It makes perfect sense for businesses to bring their security arrangements and their hosting together under one roof,” said Lawrence Jones, CEO of UKFast. “We’ve pioneered a range of security features within our managed services because, as a hosting provider, it’s our responsibility to keep customers online wherever possible.

By delivering the full package of defense measures, we close the support gap that occurs when multiple providers are involved, making our service faster and significantly more cost-effective.”

UKFast Threat Monitoring includes host-based intrusion detection (HIDS), vulnerability scanning, file integrity monitoring (FIM), Rootkit detection and server baseline hardening. Daily scans would compare servers to industry-recognized baseline standards including PCI DSS, CIS and NIST – to ascertain where improvements might be made.