UK Hosting Provider FireHost Launches PCI DSS ‘Payment Island’ in Europe

secure-cloud-hostingFireHost, a UK-based company focusing on secure cloud hosting, has announced the availability of its ‘Payment Island’ service in Europe. Already available in the US, the service is specifically designed to enable payment-focused businesses in Europe to meet the stringent Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Companies that are found to be non-compliant with the PCI DSS regulations could face significant fines. By providing a virtual safe haven for regulated data, the FireHost Payment Island helps ensure compliance with the latest PCI DSS requirements. The managed cloud compliance solution is updated regularly to ensure alignment with updates to the PCI DSS standard. The solution is designed to help companies handling payment card data and to achieve compliance with PCI DSS 3.0, which was introduced on the 7th of November 2013.

The FireHost Payment Island offers organizations a private cloud platform to reduce their scope of PCI DSS compliance, better secure their customer data, and meet their audit requirements by reducing the risk profile associated with cardholder data. Already available in the US, FireHost’s Payment Island enabled ecommerce, retail, payments and other financial customers to process nearly £15 million of transactions in the last year.

Secure private cloud experience

The Payment Island solution was developed to mitigate payment card industry compliance burdens by decoupling regulated data from staple or legacy IT environments, thus reducing risk.

By isolating the payment engine through network segmentation, a Payment Island essentially provides a secure vault for businesses to process transactions and store data in the cloud. Connecting this secure vault into a customer’s own infrastructure within a data center would allow the customer to maintain their existing backend financial, inventory and other systems with low latency to the systems in the vault and scales to provide resources on demand.

“Our Payment Island provides customers with a secure private cloud experience that protects transactional applications by removing regulated data from local or regular hosting facilities and storage,” said Kurt Hagerman, director of information security for FireHost. “The Payment Island segregates sensitive data from the corporate environment, so that customers can more tightly lock down and protect the information from internal threats.”