‘UK, Ireland, Switzerland Have Highest EU Colocation Data Center Rack Space Rates’

UK, Ireland and Switzerland have the highest colocation (third party) data center pricing in Europe with average rack space rates of 1,000 euro per month and above, according to Datacentrepricing.com. The specialist in data center trends and pricing further stated that the differences in rack space rates in Europe are significant.

Out of the 15 European Country Markets surveyed by Datacentrepricing.com, Switzerland, Ireland and the UK have the highest average third party data center rack space rates, while the variations in European data center prices are huge. By contrast with UK, Ireland and Switzerland, Poland would have the lowest average rack space rates at 320 euro per month.

Industrial electricity costs also vary extensively by European Country Market, with UK, Ireland, and Spain having the highest per kWh rates (as measured by Eurostat), which are almost double the lowest per kWh rates in Europe – in Sweden and Switzerland.

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maincubesData Center Growth in Germany and UK

The largest Colocation Data Center Country Market in Europe is the UK with 840,000 m2 of data center space, followed by Germany with 509,000 m2 of data center space – with France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain being the next largest Data Center Country Markets in Europe.

Datacentrepricing.com finds new data center growth in key city areas of Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Slough. Although most of the European Country Markets are seeing significant new data center growth, according to Datacentrepricing.com, the UK is seeing 11 new facilities under development while Germany is seeing 10 new facilities under development (mainly in the Frankfurt area). In total, Germany has some 72,000 m2 of data center space under development, followed by the UK with 63,000 m2 and in the Netherlands with 42,000 m2 of colocation space under development.

maincubes, a colocation data center operator headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and part of the Zech Group – an industrial conglomerate engaging in construction, real estate, hotel, environment/technology, and industry sectors in Germany and internationally, has opened its first colocation data center this month in the Netherlands growth area, in Amsterdam Schiphol-Rijk. maincubes acquired this building from Interoute in May 2016. The new data center in Amsterdam is the company’s second facility, next to their initial colocation facility in the data center growth area of Frankfurt.

Data Center Clusters, Connectivity Hubs

New colocation data center space in Europe is increasingly being created in clusters – which are acting as connectivity hubs, with dense connectivity in city areas providing access to multiple data center facilities, cloud, connectivity and digital providers.

The largest data center cluster (by raised floor space) is Frankfurt – which has succeeded the ‘London & Inner M25’ area as the largest data center cluster in Europe. Frankfurt is responsible for the majority of German data center space. The next largest data center area clusters in Europe include Paris, Amsterdam, Slough (UK) and Dublin.

Datacentrepricing.com has currently identified 22 data center city clusters in Europe with more than 20,000 m2 of third party data center raised floor space – with five clusters in the UK (including London, Slough, Cardiff, Manchester & Woking) and three clusters in Germany (including Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin).

Increasingly, colocation data center providers are competing to provide cloud connectivity to the key Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) via a cloud exchange aiming to attract the enterprise customer to the facility – which is driving the data center clusters’ status as a connectivity hub. And the number of connectivity options available from a colocation data center facility would help determine whether a price premium can be charged – the more connectivity available the higher the price premium, stated Datacentrepricing.com.