UK Web Hosting Provider Now Accepts over 50 Different Digital Currencies | #crypto

Web hosting provider, a UK-based company which operates under Zonat S.A. – a conglomerate of “prestigious” technology-based companies, will expand its payment options to now include the acceptance of over 50 different digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, among others. Acceptance of these virtual payment methods went into effect on December 14, 2018. Frederick Schiwek
“When bitcoins turned into a payment option, in addition to customary payments, we openly welcomed the innovation,” said Frederick Schiwek, CEO of began accepting virtual currencies as payments for web hosting solutions back in 2013. Following recent developments on crypto-currencies and responding to popular demands, saw it fit to expand the scope of virtual payment methods. This will afford a greater number of’s clients to pay instantly with various virtual currencies.

“We’re very proud of our role as a trailblazer in providing Web Hosting solutions and allied services to websites,” said Frederick Schiwek, CEO of “When bitcoins turned into a payment option, in addition to customary payments, we openly welcomed the innovation.” processes bitcoin payments through CoinGate, a payment gateway that functions like PayPal and is tied to the crypto-currency trade. Payments are handled directly through this entity with the goal of maintaining the autonomy of each client by only disclosing the required transaction key and what is needed to for a transaction.

Digital Coins

Bitcoins give some distinct advantages to individuals and companies when compared to traditional means of payments, stated The product to mine and utilize bitcoins is free and open source, so there is no cost to sign up and no inherent exchange charges. Along these lines, a business can avoid credit card transaction fees, wire expenses, and worldwide check handling charges.

Moreover, there would be no need to convert bitcoins and many other digital coins to and from other currencies, so shoppers are exempt from standard exchange charges. Virtual money assures that merchants have a reliable way of making safe and anonymous transactions from anywhere in the world with encrypted technology they trust and use daily.

“Many clients share our trust in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies,” added Mr. Schiwek. “This payment method is not new to us and we are accustomed to dealing with transactions of this nature.”