UK Wine Merchant Oddbins Selects Rackspace Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Rackspace, a global provider of managed cloud hosting services, has announced that the iconic wine merchant Oddbins has selected Rackspace Managed Cloud services to power its website as it stocks up ahead of the festive season and beyond. Oddbins, the well-known brand of UK high-street wine shops, needed strong hosting support, a quick roll-out of new solutions and enhanced security.

The new solution offered by Rackspace provides a managed web application stack, enhanced security and high performance of a bare metal server to support the firm’s ambitious growth plans for 2015, by the end of which it aims to have doubled website sales.

rackspace-oddbinsThe technology comes with access to Rackspace 24/7/365 expertise from a team of specialists, which has given the internal team peace of mind that the website will perform to a high standard so they can focus on business goals such as expanding from the 45 stores currently occupied to over 100 by the end of next year.

Oddbins decided to change its eCommerce strategy so that these targets could be achieved, which involved looking for a new hosting provider after facing a number of challenges when working with the previous vendor. One of these problems occurred when a bottle of wine from the Oddbins range was featured on television. As several hundred viewers visited the Oddbins website to buy the product, they were unable to add it to the online shopping cart due to a problem with the infrastructure and many sales were lost as a result.

Loss of revenue

“We had lost confidence in the website’s performance reaching the standards we expect, especially when dealing with spikes of traffic around the holiday period,” said Tony Duffy, E-Commerce Manager of Oddbins. “This created two significant problems. One is that we lost revenue due to customers being unable to make purchases and the other is reputational damage caused by these negative experiences.”

rackspace-cloud-hostingThe top three requirements that Oddbins looked for from a new hosting provider were: strong hosting support, the capability to roll out a solution quickly and enhanced security. The support and fast provisioning were important so that the ecommerce team could start preparing for upcoming traffic spikes straight away knowing that implementation issues could be fixed without taking up much resource.

Using a robust, secure solution was the other top priority because when working with the previous hosting provider, an attack on the website caused it to go down. Each of these requirements is closely identified with a Rackspace bare metal solution, so it represented an ideal solution for Oddbins.

“Almost immediately, the enthusiasm and efficiency shown by the Rackspace team restored my confidence in the website being something we could be proud of while supporting our plans for growth,” added Duffy. “Now, we regularly receive useful insight from Rackspace, which is incredibly valuable to us.”