UK2 Group adds ‘Premium WordPress Hosting’ and ‘Website SEO Guru’ Services for its Web Hosting brands

UK2 Group, a global group of web hosting brands that include, WestHost, Midphase, and 100TB, announced ‘Premium WordPress Hosting’ and ‘Website SEO Guru’ services for its, Midphase and WestHost web hosting companies – to help customers maximize the performance and visibility of their websites.

With 25% of websites globally created or managed with WordPress, UK2 Group’s ‘Premium WordPress Hosting’ package is designed for customers who want to take their sites to the next level of fast content delivery. This would be a suitable solution for users with content-rich websites, the Premium web hosting package allows customers to focus on engaging web content and design while leaving technical performance tweaks to web hosting experts.

“Businesses succeed or fail based on the speed of their website and its position in search results,” said John Morris, Chief Executive Officer for UK2 Group. “These new products help customers get an edge online by optimizing their online presence for speedy load times and by providing insight on how best to build awareness online.”

uk2-group-web-hostingBased on Virtual Private Servers (VPS Hosting) built with “speedy” SSD hard drives and optimized for WordPress websites, customers would benefit from faster page load times and access to Premium templates previously offered at an optional extra. Performance enhancements also include NGINX high-performance load balancing for high availability, are optimized by CloudFlare for fast content delivery, and include security enhancements including automatic malware removal.

“Page load times can make or break a sale online because potential customers will browse away from unresponsive sites,” added Mr. Morris. “Premium WordPress Hosting makes it easy to offer fast-loading, engaging and content rich websites.”

SEO Tool

Offering additional insight to help customer stand out online, UK2 Group’s SEO Website Guru is an automated tool which analyses website performance to suggest content tweaks that would make websites more discoverable online.

wordpress-web-hostingThe SEO tool suggests ways to increase search engine rankings by reporting on everything from content tags to page load times to guide users as they tweak their online marketing plans. In addition to creating “easy-to-understand” reports which offer advice on changes that would help them stand out, the SEO service also includes manual submission of websites to search engines to aid discoverability.

“In competitive markets, it’s important to be visible but many basic websites are not tracked by the search engines,” added Mr. Morris. “For most small businesses, simple content tweaks can make the world of difference and SEO Website Guru is designed to highlight changes and importantly it also explains how to make them in easy-to-follow steps.”