UK2 Group Boosts Performance and Security of Its Customers’ Websites with CloudFlare CDN

Global web hosting company, UK2 Group, has teamed-up with web performance and security company, CloudFlare, to extend the infrastructures of UK2 Group’s customers directly to the network edge for faster website content delivery, improved optimization and deeper security.

Customers of UK2 Group’s web hosting brands, including Midphase, WestHost, and, can now activate CloudFlare’s CDN to enable their websites to run faster, safer, and with improved optimization. They will also be better protected from DDoS attacks, email harvesting and other online threats. Intelligence from an attack against one site is extended to protect the entire CloudFlare community within seconds.

cloudflare-cdn“Our CloudFlare service offers affordable access to enterprise-grade security and performance regardless of whether they are an entrepreneur, or a small or large business,” said John Morris, COO of UK2 Group. “The service offers customers easy set-up and it can be deployed within minutes. Our customers won’t need to change any existing code to benefit from improved security and faster speeds from both mobile and desktop browsers.”

CloudFlare’s CDN can boost performance and security of any type of website with no need to add hardware or install software.  It is particularly effective for sites that regularly experience spikes in traffic, have an e-commerce platform, or a history of security breaches and a risk of being targeted by DDoS attacks.

CloudFlare is designed to take a great hosting platform like UK2’s and make it even more secure,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare. “We are delighted to be partnered with UK2 Group as we both base our businesses on putting our customers first and providing them with trusted, reliable and easy-to-use-solutions.”

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