UKCloud Unveils PaaS Offering to Help ISVs Deliver SaaS to UK Public Sector

Photo Stephen Dixon, Product Manager at UKCloud
“Our software developers innovate each day using standardized development and tooling driven by UKCloud for Managed OpenShift,” said Stephen Dixon, Product Manager at UKCloud.

UK-based multi-cloud provider, UKCloud, has announced its latest iteration of its Platform-as-a-Service offering, enabling ISVs in the United Kingdom to develop and deliver compelling Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to the UK Public Sector.

In response to public sector’s lack of skills and resources in building and managing cloud native applications, UKCloud is focused on providing a platform for specialist SaaS alternatives that use innovative digital technologies such as AI and IoT to deliver better outcomes to users of public services.

The company is committed to supporting Independent Software Vendors in the UK to develop modern user-centric applications that meet the expectations of citizens and those working in front line services.

To deliver against this commitment and as a Red Hat Premier Cloud Certified Service Provider, UKCloud has released its latest version of OpenShift which consists of new flexible pricing. This would make it more commercially viable for software development teams to:

  • Accelerate application development – UKCloud for Managed OpenShift would provide a platform that enables developers to write code and deploy applications faster, by removing the complexities of having to manage underlying on-premises or cloud infrastructure resources. Standardized tooling and best practices are driven through the platform eliminating fragmentation and inefficiencies often borne out of rapid software development. This would ensure stable, secured and robust applications for end users.
  • Drive greater efficiencies – Distributed teams are now the ‘new normal’ due to the pandemic, meaning there is a requirement for a common platform to enable software developers to work effectively with each other remotely. UKCloud for Managed OpenShift would streamline application development by standardizing workflows and supporting multiple environments, whilst ensuring governance processes are followed. This means ISVs may benefit from improved time to market, increased employee productivity and most crucially having the ability to deliver specialist SaaS solutions for the UK public sector.
  • Build once, deploy anywhere – Organizations within the UK Public Sector would often have stringent requirements around data security and application hosting. ISVs working with the sector might need to ensure their solutions remain highly portable to guarantee these requirements can be met. OpenShift allows developers to build open-source and cloud-agnostic solutions, removing any dependencies on the hyperscale platforms or potential technology lock-in, whilst providing the commercial flexibility to select the appropriate cloud provider to meet the needs of the given sector. UKCloud for Managed OpenShift is UK hosted, with native access to government networks and supports the data assurance requirements expected by UK Public Sector organizations.

“Now more than ever organizations need flexible IT to innovate fast in an ever-changing market. As a cloud service provider, we have a crucial role to play in the development and delivery of specialist software applications,” said Stephen Dixon, Product Manager at UKCloud. “Our software developers innovate each day using standardized development and tooling driven by UKCloud for Managed OpenShift. Our developers have the freedom to write and publish code all without having to be a burden on IT operations, as a result we can continue to iterate our portal systems, helping to improve the experience for our customers.”