UKCloud Unveils ‘Strategic Data Practice’ in Support of UK National Data Strategy

Multicloud expert UKCloud has recently announced the rollout of its specialist Strategic Data Practice to fully utilize the potential of UK public sector data, improve public services and drive innovation. The service will be providing guidance to various organizations and allow them to take their initiatives from just an idea to a full-fledged reality.

The UK Government’s Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) released an informative study a few weeks ago that aims to help public sector organizations harness the potential of their data. The following concerns were found in this report: a lack of incentives to share data, a lack of understanding of data’s worth or availability, reputational and regulatory dangers, and lost chances to use data in the public interest.

The UK Government’s National Data Strategy looks at how ethical and efficient data sharing and access can help the UK unleash the tremendous potential of data to promote innovation, enhance productivity, generate new companies and employment, and provide much-needed improvements.

Organizations are at various phases of their digital transformation, and would require assistance in digitizing historical documents, such as patient records or digital evidence, in the first instance. These can be necessary foundations to lay before businesses can digitalize and begin to employ cutting-edge tools like AI and IoT to get better insight. This is sometimes impossible owing to a lack of expertise and an outdated IT infrastructure that stifles innovation.

According to UKCloud’s latest State of Digital and Data study, barely half of those polled (52 percent) think they have the resources to comprehend and create efficiency from the data they have, implying that they can’t identify its actual worth and don’t have the time to innovate.

Given that data is the common thread running through all of these digital projects, UKCloud has announced the introduction of its Strategic Data Practice to assist give that much-needed direction and bridge the skills gap, allowing public sector organizations to bring their ideas to life.

To sum up, UKCloud’s Strategic Data Practice is founded on these hree key principles:

  • Action – Companies are supposed to start by creating the digital foundations that will boost their operational resilience. UKCloud’s Strategic Data Practice provides complete data assessments, recommendations to modify security, mitigate risk while optimizing strategic data pathways, and an audit of the current state.
  • Ambition – UKCloud offers the skills and resources required by companies to design, envisage, and execute accurate digital, data, and cloud strategies to make transformation happen in a smooth way. With the utilization of the value of data, UKCloud lets organizations realize potential outcomes that will improve UK citizens like advanced telemedicine, digital twins, and warfighter training.
  • Social Value – Whether it is about paying taxes or offering carbon-neutral solutions, everything UKCloud does can be traced back to the commitment of the organization to do the right thing. The brand-new Strategic Data Practice creates skills and jobs both in the organization and in the UK Public Sector with a broadened Professional Services team in-house and an education program to enable partners and customers.

UKCloud Official’s Take

UKCloud’s New Strategic Data Practice Lead, Steve Russell, said that UKCloud’s recent State of Digital and Data Report shows that public sector organizations lack a clear understanding of their IT estates. He further added that the Strategic Data Practice has been built to allow organizations to bridge the deficit in internal skills so that they can start their transformation spree from a solid strategic digital and data foundation.