UKFast AI Servers

UKFast AI Servers are here.

Hosting and colocation firm UKFast is today launching the world’s first thought-controlled, artificially intelligent servers.

Harnessing the latest modular pod-based architecture in risk-mitigated discreet isolation, UKFast has created a server solution clustered through highly adaptive artificial intelligence.

Although the new server range effectively ‘thinks for itself’, the servers’ own thought processes can be controlled by onsite facilities engineers, trained to use the power of their minds to override critical functions should the need arise.

Of the latest product launch, UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones said: “Although there has been much philosophical debate about the ethics of creating a machine with near-human intelligence, we believe it is the logical next step for us.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on 24/7 support, now the server literally supports itself 24/7. Plus, as an extra safety measure, our engineers can monitor servers and override them with just their thoughts… should the hardware turn a bit I,Robot.”

The hardware range is set to be the firm’s first leap of many into new realms of technology and is a progression of the research that was undertaken to develop UKFast’s mind-altering Blipvertology training, launched April 1st last year.

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