UKFast Data Security Top Tips How do businesses protect themselves online in 2014

Data Security Top Tips How do businesses protect themselves online in 2014

UKFast Data Security Round Table.

According to research, tech companies, especially start-ups often seem to consider data security as an expensive add-on rather than something they work into their technology from the start.
Terence Greer- King believes many organisations are not aware of the attacks they have been subjected to.

He said: “Attacks are happening every day. Cisco has 2 million a day.

“The average age of an undetected attack is 9 months. Attacks are getting through, data is being stolen and most organisations aren’t even aware of it.
“People should be well advised to go through security checks, and find out exactly what’s taking place on their network now. There could be a number of attacks taking place and there most likely are.”
Scott Nicholson agreed: “Don’t be under the false sense of security that if you’re performing vulnerability scanning you’re checking your secure configurations. You need that human intervention to be able to escalate the vulnerabilities that you’ve already got on your network.”

This week’s UKFast Round Table attendees were:

Julian Stafford, Midshire Businses Systems
Scott Nicholson, IBM
Matt Gladwin, Genting Casinos
Andrew Powell, Price Waterhouse Coopers
Terry Greer-King, Cisco
Phil Smith, Encryption Box

And the round table was chaired by Jonathan Bowers of UKFast.

Duration: 2:27
Publisher: UKFast
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