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What will Dedicated Servers do for you?

1. What are dedicated servers?
Dedicated servers are servers that are yours and yours alone. As a result you can utilise the servers for all variety of hosting options including websites, databases, applications, email and e-commerce solutions. They offer the highest levels of speed, control and security of all hosting options.

2. What is the benefit of dedicated servers?

What would Dedicated Server mean to a clients business?
Dedicated servers enable you to achieve significant benefits over shared hosting.
– Speed
Because all resources are dedicated to your business you get the fastest solution available. This is hugely important especially for e-commerce websites where page-load speed has a direct impact on your customers experience and in improving online sales.

Ensuring your page load speeds are optimised also leads to improved search engine rankings as Google recognises fast loading websites.

– Complete control
Dedicated servers allow you to retain complete control over your server. In contrast to a shared server, there is no need to worry about what activity other people undertaking. On a shared platform other users could be spamming, launching DDoS attacks, or running resource intensive programmes. With dedicated severs you know exactly what processes are taking place making it the most secure of hosting option and ideal for business critical databases or applications.

As the resource is completely under your control you determine how your CPU and bandwidth are used. This ensures that you aren’t affected by other users and that you have ample capacity should you need it.

Complete control extends to the hardware and software utilised in your solution. You get the exact functionality you want alongside the specific technology that will deliver it in the best way for your business.

3. Why should you use UKFast dedicated servers?

How you benefit from Dedicated Servers from UKFast
By choosing dedicated servers from UKFast you are guaranteed a speedy, secure hosting environment that you are 100% in control of.

We architect a dedicated server solution specifically for your business. Factors including the data you host; your business type; size; ambition and number of users all contribute to building the solution that is right for you. In addition to the latest hosting technologies you can also access a range of additional services including website acceleration, clustering and dedicated backup.

What would a dedicated server on our network deliver?
With a dedicated server hosted on the UKFast network you get a comprehensive range of managed services included as standard. These give you 100% network connectivity; 1 hour hardware replacement and access to our rapid response technical support team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — within three rings.

Where are UKFast dedicated servers housed?
We own our own UK datacentres. This means everything is controlled by us and that each and every element of the setup is optimised for speed and energy efficiency. Our carbon neutral status means we deliver the best environment for hosting, while working hard to minimise the environmental impact on our planet

How does the speed of our network compare to others?
Everything we do is focused on speed as we understand how vital server response time is to you. Our network consistently ranks as the fastest in the UK and we use the latest Dell and HP technology to ensure maximum performance, reliability and efficiency for your solution. This guarantees the best environment in which to house your business-critical website; e-commerce solution; applications or sensitive data.

What other clients use UKFast Dedicated Servers?
As a UKFast client you will join some of the best businesses in the UK that understand the importance of fast, secure hosting.

To find out how your business could benefit from a UKFast dedicated server call one of our dedicated hosting specialists today on 08004584545.

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