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Colocation, cloud and managed hosting provider UKFast has taken its focus on backups and redundancy to a new level with the introduction of its patented U Klone Fast technology, which has seen staff downtime fall to 0%.

Managing director Jonathan Bowers said: “We have always prided ourselves on developing our infrastructure whilst consistently introducing effective automation to ensure that our clients’ solutions remain highly functional throughout every eventuality.

“Since deploying our AI servers last April, our focus has been on creating the highest level of backup and redundancy. This includes backup servers, backup firewalls and backed up data.

“To us, backing up people seemed like the natural next step. We had the double vision to do this and it’s increased our efficiency twofold.”

U Klone Fast technology was designed and created in house by the company’s RnD team who are said to be seeing double after its implementation.

The firm’s CEO, Lawrence Jones MBE, today announced: “We’re incredibly proud to say that with our U Klone Fast technology, we have managed to made over two hundred employees redundant.

“Much like our twinned servers, there is now always one employee on standby. If one slows down or stops working, a seamless failover to the backup employee will occur instantaneously.

“With U Klone Fast technology we can now share the benefits of 0% staff downtime with everyone.”

This time of year regularly holds fresh innovation for the fast-growing firm, with 2013 seeing them create Blipvertology training technique as well as last year’s launch of artificial intelligence servers.

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