Under the sea: Building Google's fiber optic internet

Google has one of the most advanced global networks of fiber optic cables that transports data to customers and users. Cables connect data centers and regions over land and underwater through subsea cables. But with increasing Internet traffic and cloud usage, planning for network capacity is no easy task. Stephanie goes behind the scenes to meet the teams that planned one of our newest subsea cables, Topaz.

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0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Visualizing Google’s global fiber optic network
1:03 – Topaz: one of our newest subsea cables
1:15 – How Google predicts network demand
1:47 – How we increase fiber capacity
2:58 – Subsea cable partners
3:29 – Google’s latest subsea cable advancements
4:32 – Conclusion

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Duration: 00:05:22
Publisher: Google Cloud
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