Understand text faster with Vertex AI's AutoML NLP

AutoML Natural Language Beginner’s guide → https://goo.gle/3RA31FP

Did you know that with AutoML you can train a model with image, text, tabular, or even video data? In this episode of Deploying AI, Developer Programs Engineer Anu Srivastava shares an example of Vertex AI’s AutoML with Natural Language Understanding for text data. Watch to learn how you can train a custom model to recognize content that you care about in text.

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Example of Natural Language Understanding for text data
0:50 – Use cases rundown
2:10 – When to use pre-trained Natural Language API
2:49 – How to build this model
4:08 – Checking the model
4:43 – Samples
5:07 – Using model from phone or web app
5:33 – Wrap up

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Duration: 00:06:05
Publisher: Google Cloud
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