Understanding K8s, Pt. 3

Any production-level Kubernetes application is going to involve more than just stateless containers floating around, so by popular request, the next webinar in our “Understanding Kubernetes” series will teach you what you need to both understand and work with storage in a Kubernetes cluster. You’ll learn about different types of persistent and ephemeral storage, and even how to create an application that doesn’t lose its state when the container gets replaced. You’ll learn about:
– The types of storage Kubernetes recognizes
– How to work with storage on the actual host
– How to work with external storage
– How new drivers get added to Kubernetes
– How to run stateful applications such as databases on Kubernetes

Join us as we prepare you for applications that move beyond the “toys” of simple examples. Check out our upcoming and on demand webinars here: https://www.mirantis.com/cloud-webinars/

Duration: 00:59:00
Publisher: Mirantis
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