Understanding Spot Instances

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Welcome back to VM End-to-End, where a VM enthusiast and a VM skeptic team up to cover what’s happening in the world of VMs. In this episode, Developer Advocates Carter Morgan and Brian Dorsey chat about Spot instances which are a discount of about 60 to 90% off the on-demand instance prices, but there’s a trade off. Watch to learn when you can (and should) use Spot Instances!

0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Spot instances overview
1:43 – Discounts are good… what’s the catch?
3:00 – 60-90% discount is… quite the range.
6:22 – What *is* a Spot VM?
8:00 – How do you test spot workloads?
9:24 – Keeping track of VMs that come and go?
13:35 – How do I get started?
14:45 – Wrap up.

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